Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Time Blues

Hello Friends,

Are you as tired of the cold weather as we are?

It snowed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast a couple weeks ago, and it is still freezing outside.
The wind feels like it has ice in it.

At least I can work inside, unpacking boxes, getting moved in...

Arranging the furniture, still haven't found the rug I want for the living room.

Bam Bam likes his new bed.

Bookcases that need to be filled.
Boxes and boxes of books!!

I plan to paint the trim on this cabinet red.

My plants LOVE the new kitchen window.

The old weather vane went up in a window.

Ms. Wilma is tired of the cold too!

I've missed you, my blogging friends.
The first week after I retired Dec.31, I came down with the most painful case of the shingles.
We had to postpone moving for a couple weeks, and recovery has been slow.

If you have not had a shingles vaccine, please go and get one, it will be well worth it, I promise.

I think it's time for a coffee break, how about you?

I need a little play time!

Stay warm my friends,

Dorothy, Ms. Wilma and Bam Bam


Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Thinking of you and Ms. Wilma ! Yes we ARE sooo tired of the cold. Sorry you were laid so low with the dreaded shingles and hope you are all better now (()) LOVE your new home, looking forward to seeing more of it .
WARM regards

LV said...

Nice hearing from you, but sorry you had the singles. I have a friend that had them over a year. They can be very painful. Moving is never easy and to not feel good makes it worse. Trust you will soon e back to normal soon.

The JR said...

This weather stinks. It's not suppose to sleet and snow in Mississippi.

Sorry you have been down. Get well soon.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

((Dorothy)) Hope you are feeling better soon. I have already had shingles. By far the most horrible thing I've ever been through. Took me awhile to get past it. I can't even imagine having shingles and moving at the same time. That is no way to start your retirement either!

Glad you are settling into your new home. Yup, very sick of this winter weather too. C'mon spring!

Doyle sends kisses to Wilma and Bam.

Librarian said...

Ouch! I had a very mild case of the shingles a few years ago and was told then that, once you've had one outbreak, that's it, it will never come back. Let's hope that is true for you, too!

Looking at the empty shelves and full boxes, I would love to get started on these.
The kitchen cabinet will look great with red trimmings, so cheerful and fresh.

Spring will come!

Denise said...

I like your new place. Sorry you have been hurting with the shingles. Give Ms. Wilma some love from me and Coco.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Did you say coffee and cake break!? :) Ms. Wilma is so cute! I enjoy seeing pictures on facebook :) Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Did you say coffee and cake break!? :) Ms. Wilma is so cute! I enjoy seeing pictures on facebook :) Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly

Kay G. said...

I am with Ms. Wilma!!
So sorry about your shingles, I have had friends who have had it and they all say it is awful. :-(
Still, you are getting better and that is a very good thing! :-)
Your home looks LOVELY, I am ready to visit and have a cup of coffee with you, that Ms. Wilma could curl up next to me!! xx

Jan said...

I agree with Ms. Wilma - I'm so over Winter, where's Spring?! Love the white antique cabinet. Red trim will really make it pop. Stay warm!

Lady Linda said...

Sounds like you have had a trying time. So sorry to hear about the shingles. I have had a mild case, but remember my mother's horrid case long ago. Your place is looking so nice. Do take time to play!

Tea in the Library said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles! Everything is coming together nicely. Nice to catch up with you!

Barb King said...

got about a foot of snow today, on top of what we already had. I am so ready for the warm weather. So sorry to hear about the shingles, I had them last spring, and it was terrible. I got the headache for months afterwards. I am also telling everyone I know to get the vaccine! Hope you are on the mend.

Connie said...

Hi Dorothy, yes, yes, yes . . . I am so tried of winter, maybe we came sing the blues together, LOL.
I love your white kitchen cabinet and it is going to look amazing with red trim. I hope that you will post photos, when you are finished with it.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Spring is coming :)
Your blogging Sister, Connie :)

Sara Chapman said...

That last ice shot is a stunner. So sorry to hear you are not well. Get better soon!

Unknown said...

Hating winter about now.
I love your kitchen hoosier. I just found one the other day at an antique shop.. a bit smaller though. I left it behind but can't get it out of my mind.. gonna go back for it I think.
I hope your moving in is coming along well. Shannon

CoriLynn said...

I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! I hope you are all healed!
The new place looks lovely! Now go relax with that coffee!
~xoxo, CoriLynn

sherry said...

I miss you something dreadful! I'm excited for you to have a new place to decorate, though! I haven't been on my blog in forever! Had to regroup! Miss blogging and reading the blogs of all my friends! Be sure and post what you're working on these days--am sure you're making something for Easter! DS and I will be driving down to see you early Spring!

Diane Mars said...

Sorry to hear about your shingles, I hear it's very painful. Your new place looks great cannot wait until you have more in place. I need to get a new bed for our dog Charlie his is pretty worn... hope you are having a nice weekend~ Hugs, Diane