Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year

Did you watch Call The Midwife Christmas Special last night?
It was wonderful!

And are you as excited as I am about the new season of Downton Abbey?
It begins next weekend!

We had a great Christmas week at the new house.
But we still haven't finished moving everything.
The boys are coming to help their dad move the big things next week,
like the piano, china cabinet, freezer and things like that.

I still have books and dishes to pack and move.

Moving is hard!!!

I love this bedroom I found on Pinterest.
Just not sure if I want books hanging over my head like this,
they might fall!

 I love this rug from Pinterest.

I'm looking forward to doing lots of sewing next year.

So many new resolutions, new beginnings.

Wishing you a very Happy New Year,
Dorothy, Wilma and Bam Bam



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Reds

Look at this beautiful vintage tablecloth I won from Pam's giveaway at 

She is the sweetest ever blogger friend,
She also sent this gorgeous Christmas apron.

She made this pretty card too.
I always enjoy visiting her blog, she is so creative and generous and always shares her pretty 
vintage tablecloths with us.
Merry Christmas to Pam and Doyle!

The next day I received my ornie swap from Suzanne at
Isn't this little snowman ornament adorable?

Ms. Wilma fell in LOVE with this little speckled dachshund and claimed it for her own!

Suzanne also made this pretty bookmark.
And they all came inside that pretty gold basket.
Thank you, Suzanne!
This fun swap was hosted by 

Blogging buddies are the best.

I couldn't go without showing you pics of our new baby.
We finally decided on the name
"Bam Bam"

Wilma is still not impressed....

Want some sugar?

Doxie baby wrinkles....

Merry Christmas,
from Dorothy, Ms.Wilma, and Bam Bam

Monday, December 9, 2013

Early Christmas

                                      I found these vintage Christmas lights last week on eBay.                                       

They still work and there are some pink light bulbs on the string.

The box is as pretty as the lights!

They told us to decorate our department at work this week, so I put up a tree...
On the bulletin board!

I can't keep it a secret any longer, this is my early Christmas gift!!
A new doxie pup.
It's a boy and we haven't decided on a name yet.

And this is the ugly face little Ms. Wilma made every time the pup got close to mama!
Nothing like sibling rivalry...
Wilma needed extra petting all weekend long to get over this, poor baby.

She was actually running around playing with the pup this morning as I left for work.

She's usually such a sweet little lady.

This is a shot of my kitchen in the new house.
We spent Thanksgiving holiday there.
I work for 2 more weeks, have a week of vacation for Christmas
and then we move in for good.

I can't decide how I want to decorate the dining room.
Do I want shabby chic white?
Or Primitive?

 I have a primitive cabinet, lots of old baskets, wooden bowls and things like this pic from Pinterest.

And I have an old Hoosier cabinet similar to this one from Pinterest.

Our dining table is similar to this one, wouldn't it be fun to paint it white and go with shabby chic?
I haven't decided, any suggestions??

This is a pic of my chairs and pedestal table. I plan to recover the chair seats but I'm just not sure about painting the chairs.
On that blank wall is where the china cabinet is going.
And possibly the Hoosier too.

So many possibilities,
I can hardly wait to get started.

Have a wonderful week,
Dorothy and Ms.Wilma
and baby Doxie

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Elf Making

I'm working on my Elf for Viv's Elf Challenge this morning.

Viv's Elf Challenge 

I've decided to make a pine cone elf like the one shown here:

On Pinterest

Getting the craft supplies out is inspiring me to do more,
I love the vintage Christmas decorations.

I found these  Lefton and Jasco girls at the thrift store yesterday for 50 cents each!

This little Christmas mouse looked lonesome so I brought him home too.

Bits and pieces.

Well, here he is!
My finished Christmas Elf!

I'm not sure what Carol Duvall would say, but he's done.....
His head is glued on a little crooked!

I'm sure glad we don't have to send these off to anyone!!

Hope you are having a wonderful week,
getting ready for Christmas.

Dorothy and Ms. Wilma

Monday, November 18, 2013

Awesome New Book

New books are in at the library.
I picked this one up just to look this morning, read a few words, and was hooked!
I loved The Five People You Meet In Heaven,
but this one is going to be even better, I can tell!

I've almost finished this. One of Preston and Child's better ones.

For you Grisham fans, this is his latest.
A continuation of his first book, A Time To Kill.
Promises to be a good read.

Danielle Steels newest offering.
There's something for everyone this week.
Curl up by the fire with a good book and a cup of coffee and read to your hearts content.

Have a great week,
Dorothy and Ms.Wilma



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Christmas Dolls

Look what's at eBay right now.

I'd love to have this Effanbee under my Christmas tree!

Isn't she sweet?

Pretty polka dot tea set from WWII era.

This little red and white dress would be so pretty on Tiny Tears Christmas Day.

All of these dolls are being listed on eBay.

Beautiful green eyes!

Look at these sweet Christmas doxies!

Counting down the days till Thanksgiving!

Lots of cooking and good eating!

Hugs from Dorothy and Wilma

P.S. Wilma did much better at the new house this weekend.
 I took some of her toys with us and that seemed to help.