Friday, August 31, 2012

Autumn Flowers


Happy Pink Saturday 

Those few pale Autumn flowers,

How beautiful they are!

Than all that went before,

Than all the Summer store,

How lovelier far!

Pale flowers! perishing flowers!

I woo your gentle breath--

I leave the Summer rose

For younger, blither brows;

Tell me of change and death.

From Autumn Flowers
by: Caroline Bowles Southey

Happy Pink Saturday

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Two Dogs, One Cat and Pizza

She's opening the fridge!
Is that cheese?
Ask her if we can have some, Wilma!

I'm not asking her.

You ask her!

Cheese, please?


Dogs are so needy...

Pizza! YUM!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Henny Penny

Hi there, hope your weekend is going well. I've been a little side-tracked this weekend, it looks like we may have a hurricane bearing down on us (or some of the family). So, we have to get prepared-get water, canned goods and make sure everything is in order outside.

I am still working on the craft room, I just finished painting this shelf I found a the flea market last year.
But first, I want to show you something I found while cleaning this morning.

One of my very best friends gifted me with Henny Penny about 30 years ago. I love the little biddies hiding under her wings.

I have collected hens and roosters for years, but she has always been my favorite.

My great-grandfather made this rolling pin for my great-grandmother. She passed it on to my grandmother, and she passed it on to me years ago. She came to visit one day when my boys were small and she saw me rolling out cookies with a glass! I didn't have a rolling pin at the time. She said you are going to get my old rolling pin!
I'm sure it's over 100 years old. Many good cookies, pie crusts and dumplings have been rolled with this old pin.....

Back to the shelf I am painting. I'm not the best spray painter there is, but hopefully, it will look fine when its dry!

I have this doll ironing board, I will probably paint it pink or pale blue. And put decals on it, too.

OK, we are back in the craft room now.

We have a ways to go before Wilma and I are finished with this!
I have dolls, cowgirl stuff, craft supplies.......

Still working on it. I know.....I need to have a give-away. SOON.
Thats what we will do.

Not to worry, we have all day.
Dinner is cooking in here.

Things sure have changed since great-grandmothers day.

Hugs from Wilma and Me

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Vintage Pink Saturday

Hi there, it's Pink Saturday.

I adore this sweet cup and saucer.
And this company offers free shipping on lots of items.

This doll cabinet is going in my craft room next week.
I will probably paint it a pastel color first.

The Madame Alexander Doll used to live with Corey Moortgat in her Studio.
Now she's coming to live with us!
Ms. Corey has other pretty things for sale in her shop and on eBay.

In my dream house (one day) I'm going to have a pink stove like this.

With a pink fridge to match, of course!

And lots of pink KitchenAid.

I will bake us a pink cake.

And give you some of my pink daylillies growing in the backyard.

One day, when my ship comes in.....

Have a very happy, Pink Saturday my friends.
love, from Ms. Wilma and me

P.S. I will post photos of my Craft Room later this weekend!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

More Sweet Vintage Toys

These sweet children's dishes were added to my collection this morning.

Little Bo Peep and Little Jack Horner

And I did win these baby doll scales this morning, after all.

I lost out on the Lone Ranger. I do love old coloring books.

This is a sweet doll crib.
But, I already have a pink crib and highchair, so I will pass on these.

I'm currently bidding for this toy, but I won't go too high on it.
I do like the chicken on top!

And I lost my bid on Twiggy. I finally had to stop and ask myself, "HAVE YOU BUMPED YOUR HEAD THIS MORNING?"   LOL

I decided I really didn't need them that much after all!

Ms. Wilma and I are making much progress on the play (craft) room. We should be finished by this weekend.  My dream room is one similar to Corey Moortgat's Studio. If you have never seen her blog you should visit and look at what she has done with her Studio and her daughter's room. They are adorable.

We have been reading old British Cozies this week by Kate Kingsbury. The Manor House Mystery Series.
They are very enjoyable. I've read some of them before, but I forget.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Remember to pray for big things.
Hugs from me and Ms. Wilma

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pink Saturday Vintage Toys

Hi there, Welcome to my Pink Saturday picks.

I found these on eBay this week and they are coming home with me!
Doll kitchen tools. So cute.

This little children's book is on the way to my mailbox, too!

Sweet little decals I bought.

These arrived also. They will be so cute on some of the doll furniture in my craft room.

These children's books came a couple of weeks ago, they have sweet covers.

Alyssa will be getting some Junie B. Jones books!

This little Activity Book came with stencils in it. Darling.

Cute little Terriers were added to the collection.

I'm still thinking about these little pink baby doll scales.

Look at this sweet chenille spread with the pink dogie.
Ms. Wilma said she needs that! She's so spoiled.

Some things I had to leave behind.

Oh, be still my heart!

Does anyone remember her? Loved those eyes!
And I cut my hair just like hers in the ninth grade.

This is so sweet.

These are a few of the things going in my craft room this week-end.

I bought several of these today

So that I could organize these.

Next week I will post pics of the finished results!

Have a Happy Pink Week-End everybody.
From me and Ms. Wilma

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