Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today is Pink and Yellow Saturday!

Hi there friends. Today is Pink and Yellow Saturday in honor of sweet Beverly's Birthday!

Alyssa and I did a little shopping yesterday in Monroeville, after my doctors visit.
Isn't this some gorgeous fabric, it's from the Dogwood Trail line from Moda fabrics. Also, some Butterscotch and Rose mixed in from Moda by Joanna Figueroa.
These are going in a quilt one of these days when I retire. (I still haven't made those curtains, yet, Susie!)

I'm in love with fabric flowers these days.

I bought this book from http://www.amazon.com/ last week. It has instructions for all kinds of flowers from fabric.

Alyssa found this cute hair bow made like an elephant for Alabama Crimson Tide. She says it makes her look like she has eyes in the back of her head!

We found a compact with an A on it, and "it's the only one they have, and it might be gone next time we come, Aunt Dorothy". :)
We also got her a book bag for school next year with pink and blue peace signs all over it, but we had to leave it at the shop so they could sew a big hot pink "A" on it for her!

She's wearing another head band we found for her to wear to church tomorrow. She's learning the song "Amazing Grace" to sing a solo maybe next week.
While in Monroeville we rode by the old courthouse of "To Kill A Mockingbird" fame, by Harper Lee.
The older Alyssa gets the more she looks and acts like the character "Scout", to me. She's turning into a real little tomboy! Too cute.

Alyssa says this is her dream kitchen.

These big flowers are made out of metal by an artist in New Orleans.
I thinks they were about 3 feet across.

The surgeon gave me a shot in one knee and a brace for the other, yesterday. Next visit we will discuss knee replacement. She said to stay off my feet this weekend. Pity, I guess I'll have to go lay down and read this book.... I dropped my Kindle 3 times last night falling asleep trying to finish it! It is SOOO good!

I've been cleaning the attic at the library and I have lots of these old card catalog cards we don't use anymore. If anyone would like to have some for crafting (they measure 3x5) I think they would be good for ATC cards or such, e-mail me your snail mail address and I will send some to the first five bloggers who ask.


visit Pink and Yellow Saturday and wish her Happy Birthday
Have a great week,
from me and Wilma

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pink and Yellow Saturday

It's Pink AND Yellow Saturday next week, in honor of Beverly's Birthday and yellow is her favorite color!
Some of my flowers are still blooming in this heat.

We had a whirl-wind weekend and I'm sorry to see it's about over. We went to the Gulf Coast yesterday and had the absolute Best Oyster Poboy sandwiches at BB's Restaurant in Ocean Springs, Ms.
I don't believe I've ever had any better!

The rain held off until we started home.

I spent the evening with my two favorite girls, Alyssa and Wilma.
A perfect Saturday.

Everyone has been asking about the Eco products, and I'll tell you I will be getting more. The pain relief balm works and it has an herbal scent, Alyssa wants her own cherry lip balm and the pet soap seems to make Wilma's skin feel good, she's good and frisky after her bath. I would recommend all of them.

Hope your weekend was great and lasted a good long time!
Back to work on Monday.
Hugs from me and Ms. Wilma

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Eco Soap

Look what arrived in my mailbox today!
This is the product from Eco Natural Soap that I won from sweet Diane at

I can't wait to try the pain relief balm and the pet shampoo is for little Ms. guess who?
Maybe she won't fight the bath so much, LOL.

Have a great week,
from me and Ms. Wilma

Sunday, July 15, 2012

" Making a Literary Life"

I made a mistake on my last blog post.
Lisa See is a wonderful writer, however Carolyn See wrote this informative book for writers that is a must read. I believe Carolyn See is Lisa See's mother.

Pink Saturday Weekend

Early in the morning and the dew was still on the flowers.

This Georgia Thumper enjoyed herself a drink of water.

Alyssa came to visit and made some awesome Pink Artwork.

Alyssa and I enjoyed cheese crust pizza after working at the Library Saturday morning. <3

And look at the sweet pink sweater on my little dachshund girl we received from eBay this week.
Wilma was especially fond of this pic.

One of my sweet pink book picks for the week. 
By: Tone Finnanger

One of my favorite writing books was originally published in 1934 and is still available from amazon.com.
It is described as "recapturing the excitement of Dorothea Brande's creative writing classroom of the 1920's".
A couple of other fave writing books are Lisa See's book and Stephen King's book on writing.

This little book is full of ideas and instructions on making a variety of pennants.

We'll be browsing thru this later on today.

Look at the sweet eyes on my baby doll that arrived this week.

My oldest son came by to show off his latest toy. (It's red, not pink!)
Lord, teach me to pray....

Huey P. Long says he loves to ride on it with Pete.

Wilma just couldn't believe her ears!

Well, we're all having a lovely Pink Saturday kind of weekend, how about you?

till next time,
Dorothy and Wilma and Alyssa <3

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hot Peppers and Criminal

Good morning,
We're home again today and enjoying it very much!

We've picked and put up so many peppers I may never be able to touch my eyes again!

And it's Pink Saturday!

Wilma and I have finished cleaning house so we decided to play with some of our new eBay toys.

Love our new sewing machine!

Tiny Tears Doll dresses.

Chatty Cathy PJ's.

Wilma loves Pink. She says she needs a new polka-dot dress..

We may have a tea party later..

Love the sweet hanger.

My 1930's Madame Alexander baby hasn't arrived yet. She's on the way.

Wilma wants me to read her a bedtime story.
She doesn't know it yet, but she's getting a bubble bath before she gets tucked in tonight...

Who was it that said "It's never too late to have a good childhood"?

Sweet little boys in uniform.

Have you read this yet?
What are you waiting for, it's simply the best book of the year!

I hope your weekend is as peaceful as a child's.

Hugs from me and Ms. Wilma