Friday, August 23, 2013

My Vintage Self

 I've been feeling like one of these crones!
But not smiling....
(Pic from Pinterest)
 I've been awfully sick, I found out I am diabetic and didn't know it.
Not fun, but I'm much better now. I'm getting Vintage, myself!

I've missed so much!
Laura emailed me and told me about the Halloween Spoolie Swap at Debs.  I'm in!

Have you seen Laura's grand-baby at

That child is TOO adorable!!

I've been busy getting ready to retire this December and we have decided to move back to my beloved Mississippi.  We have found a house near the beaches and I can't wait!   I will have lots of flowers to dig up and move!

Been to eBay this morning checking out Halloween and vintage toys.

I like to play this game and this is a cute gameboard!

 I bid on these, don't know if I'll win!

 Sweet graphics

This is a cute set, but too pricey for me.

My little sister and I used to make mud pies with our dishes and we would hold the red ones up to the sunshine and look thru them, I remember these!

sweet toys from the past.

 Love the pink...

We took Ms. Wilma to the beach last week-end.
She loved the sand but not the water, 
guess she thought it was a cold bath!

Dorothy and Ms.Wilma