Monday, September 23, 2013

Pam's Giveaway!

Look what was waiting for me in the mailbox Friday.
I was blessed to win one of Pam's giveaway prizes from 

She sent so many goodies, those hankies and crochet are gorgeous!
 Blogging friends are the best.

 I plan to wear this pretty apron to cook my Thanksgiving dinner!
This is so pretty.

Little Ms. Nosy had to check everything out....

Now she wants an apron, too!!
What am I going to do with her?

We LOVE it!!

Y'all know she has a teeny, weenie (sorry about that) crush on Pam's fur-baby, Doyle!

 The Pineapple Sage bush is really pretty in my yard this year, and it really does smell like pineapple.

The Confederate Roses are blooming as well, they literally change color during the day from white to pink.

We have lots of turnips and mustard greens growing in our fall garden this year.

 Thank you Pam, for your sweet giveaway!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week,
from Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

Monday, September 9, 2013

Vintage Dolls

There are some very pretty dolls for sale on eBay this week.

Home Perm, anyone?

This is my favorite, she looks dressed for the first day of school.

Sweet little Tiny Tears.

I have a bride doll like this one. 
She's pretty tall.

And this is my doll of the week, little Ms.Wilma
styling in her new dress!

She's so rotten sweet.

                                                                        For me?

Huey P. Long got a new chewy bone.
No clothes for him, thank you very much!

He only wears New Orleans Saints shirts!

Have a great week,
Love from Dorothy and Ms.Wilma (and Huey)