Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Time Blues

Hello Friends,

Are you as tired of the cold weather as we are?

It snowed on the Mississippi Gulf Coast a couple weeks ago, and it is still freezing outside.
The wind feels like it has ice in it.

At least I can work inside, unpacking boxes, getting moved in...

Arranging the furniture, still haven't found the rug I want for the living room.

Bam Bam likes his new bed.

Bookcases that need to be filled.
Boxes and boxes of books!!

I plan to paint the trim on this cabinet red.

My plants LOVE the new kitchen window.

The old weather vane went up in a window.

Ms. Wilma is tired of the cold too!

I've missed you, my blogging friends.
The first week after I retired Dec.31, I came down with the most painful case of the shingles.
We had to postpone moving for a couple weeks, and recovery has been slow.

If you have not had a shingles vaccine, please go and get one, it will be well worth it, I promise.

I think it's time for a coffee break, how about you?

I need a little play time!

Stay warm my friends,

Dorothy, Ms. Wilma and Bam Bam