Friday, January 13, 2017

Thrifting Fun

Hi there blogging friends

I hope you are finding some great yard sales and estate sales this winter.

I've been to a few good ones in the past few months.
It's always fun for me when I find a good piece of Pyrex or an old piece of Tupperware in mint condition.
I always get a thrill finding vintage Christmas items, too.

These are some of my Pyrex dishes on display in my old Hoosier Cabinet.

I found these two Costco rolling carts from the 50/60's 
at an Estate sale one morning. the top one is pink, bottom one is white. The white is my favorite.

How do you like my Christmas gift from my brother?
I love it!
And it still works.
I put it on display in the She Shed with my dollies.

Speaking of dolls
this is the latest in my collection:

I don't recall ever seeing a Gerber Baby doll  before.

Enjoy this three day weekend!


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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

Happy January!

Is it cold at your house? It's FREEZING in South Mississippi.

And I do mean freezing. 30 and windy and wet cold.

We're just staying inside, with a cup of hot tea and close to the fireplace.

Stay warm everyone.

Love from
and Dino