Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deer Tracks Thru The Garden

I went in the garden yesterday evening to pick greens for supper and look what I saw. Deer tracks playing all through it. Big ones and little ones. Glad they didn't feast on my greens!

This must have been the papa one!

I finally got Round Tuit yesterday for Sherry's blog party at
I vacuumed my car out!

This was my Christmas present this year and I really want to keep it nice and clean!

And this is where the lettuce went last night that I picked from the garden. Too much cheese to be healthy but can you have too much cheese? My grandpa's nickname was cheese, he liked it so much!

Have you ever seen such a messy craft table? Somebody is going to have to clean this up before they can make anything for the Dotty Swap Party! Looks like its going to be me, the good cleaning fairy didn't come last night....Maybe I'll get Round Tuit by next Tuesday!

I love my new camera, if I can ever learn how to use everything on it! It's way smarter than me.

It is starting to cloud up outside, I'll be glad when all this rain passes through so these old bones of mine will stop screaming at me. Forget knee replacement, I need a whole new skeleton!! :-)

Enjoy the rest of the week, remember we only pass this way once so enjoy every minute of it while you can.

~~Love, from me and Wilma~~

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Jane said...

Those pears on your greens look like a yummy dish - is that yogurt or cream cheese perhaps? Your crafting area looks like mine does right now :) Enjoy your week as well!