Friday, March 23, 2012

Easter Swaps

Hi there friends.

It's a little late for me, but I couldn't wait till morning to post these pretty pictures of my swap gifts.
Wilma and I have been having fun opening boxes this evening, so I want to share with you.

These cuties are all from Viv at
Have you ever seen such cute things. And she Makes these things! I just love the Cupcake Toppers. And look at the chick and bunny ornie!

These are the sweetest things!!

Gorgeous! She's so talented. And she sent chocolate!! :-D
Thank you, Vivian!
The Easter Swap was hosted by

This box of goodies came from sweet Lynn at

This was the Dotty Swap hosted by Holly.

She knows I love chickens! Look at all of these cute Dottie things! Love the bookmark, I needed that!

Cute Mr. Bunny

And last but not least, look at the sweet Bee Squeaky toy that little Ms. spoiled rotten, Wilma couldn't wait to tear into!!

She says "thank you very much," to all of her new furry friends!!

I hope everyone has a very blessed week-end.

Lots of love,
~~from me and Wilma~~


Jane said...

Everything is soo Cute!! What a fun idea. And I'm glad Wilma wasn't forgotten in all the excitement, lol!!

Denise said...

Such nice gifts.

magie said...

What lovely swap pressies! The Easter cupcake toppers are just adorable!
It looks like Wilma was sure pleased with her new little toy (so cute)..

Dorothy said...

Wilma was up for 3 hours last night playing with her new toy!! She finally dozed off, and I gently moved it away from her. This morning I reached over and gave it a squeak, and she popped right up from under the cover (where she sleeps) and grabbed it again!! She is so rotten... :-)

Kay G. said...

I love those two funny cartoons you have on the upper right corner and the George Carlin quote. I think that Wilma is just the cutest dog ever. Pat her on the head and tell her I said so.

Dorothy said...

Thanks, Kay! :-D

Lynn said...

Hi Dorothy,
I am so happy that you and Wilma enjoyed your treats!!
Again, I am sorry for being late and I hope I am forgiven!! Big hugs and I am tickled pink that Wilma loved her toy so!!!Give her a hug from me.

Pammy said...

Doroty, We just love your blog and you are such an inspiration. We are awarding you with The Liebster Bloggers Award. To receive your award, please visit this link. Love ~ Pammy

Birdwoman said...

So sweet! Those treats, especially the chickens, are just too cute!

By the way, I see you are a librarian. My younger daughter is a librarian. I've great respect for the profession.

Amelia said...

Hi Dorothy, all your gift look so cute and pretty. What a lovely and sweet swap, happy for you to received such gorgeous gifts.

Have a nice day.

SueLovesCherries said...

Awesome - you received great items from both swaps!

VintageBettys said...

Dorothy...Everything is so sweet! I love those cake toppers and those ornaments are so sweet. Wilma looks very happy :) I only joined one swap for Easter...I've been so busy helping with lil Tommy, he is on my lap right now :)I get him to spoil him till about 1:30... then I go to work til 10:30 pm. I have off on the weekends :)
Michele recieved her I will be sharing her goodies on a post :)

Have a great weekend