Monday, April 16, 2012

Fish are Biting!!

I don't mean they are biting me! : D 
But they are biting crickets!!

I think I caught this one!

A good time was had by all!

I'm reading this now. Very good.

Watching this. Excellent.

And looking forward to this release. But I will surely miss DCI Tom Barnaby played by John Nettles.

Can't wait for this to be released, also. I love the irascible Doc Martin.

Have a good week,
Much happiness, from me and Ms. Wilma


Jane said...

Hehe, those little fish are kind of cute :) What are they?

Midsomer Murders was one of my all-time favourite tv series, ever.

Dorothy said...

Hi Jane, these are called Bream or just panfish down here. They are freshwater fish, plentyful and put up a good fight, fun to catch and eat!! I just enjoy Midsomer Murders so much, too. I've never seen these last ones.

Birdwoman said...

I'm a big Midsomer fan, too. I don't have #19 yet but I'm looking forward to getting it. Meantime, we watch all the others over and over again. We have a family tradition of watching one of the videos every Sunday afternoon. Wouldn't miss it!

Dorothy said...

I like to watch them on Sunday afternoons, too! They used to come on one of the cable channels on Sunday at 3:00 and that was about the same time my husband would be leaving to go out of town to work! I would be almost hurrying him out the door--"yea, baby, I love you, be careful, bye now!!"
Now I have them on DVD and he's retired so we can both watch! :D

magie said...

I love watching Doc Martin too (and I am looking forward to the next series)..I just love all the characters in it :)
I hope you have a nice week as well..
Magie x

Dorothy said...

Thanks Magie :D

Denise said...

Looks like fun, really looking forward to going fishing this weekend.