Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tiny Tears, Fabrics, Old Recipes and paperbacks

Good Morning!

Yesterday, I opened my mailbox and look who arrived from eBay! Sweet. Hubby said I needed this like a hole in my head. Men....

Tiny Tears is my favorite old doll from my childhood. Can I have too many? Yes, but as long as I'm working I don't feel guilty...Be happy while you can!

A sample of the pretty fabrics I bought on my afternoon off Saturday. There is a very nice Quilt and Fabric store nearby which I don't get to visit often enough to suit me!  I don't know what I'll make with these but they are pretty.

This is a cookbook I made for the local Fire Department. We sold quite a few of these and raised a lot of money for things they needed. This was a fun project.

Peggy Joyce is a good cook at our church, as was her mother before her.

My grandmother Cora Lynch during the depression. She and my grandfather raised eight children who all turned out good and she always played her guitar in the evenings and sang. She and her brothers played and sang at barn dances during that time. You should have heard her sing the "Wildwood Flower".

She was the best cook around and loved to sew and make beautiful quilts. I wore many pretty dresses to school that she made for me. Pink and brown plaid.......I wish I could find a piece of fabric like that now.

And these are all the quilting ladies at our church way back when. My Great-grandmother and great-aunt is in this pic and Peggy Joyce is one of the little girls sitting up front. Some cousins of mine are also here.

We are having more stormy weather in Alabama today, if you are looking for a book to lift your spirits go to your nearest used bookstore or used books quick, fast and in a hurry and get this old paperback by Dorothy Cannell. It is Deliciously fun-ny!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and have a very blessed week-end.  And for another laugh head over to and read about her laundromat experience and look at her beautiful new quilt while you're there.

Bye now,
from me and Wilma

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deer Tracks Thru The Garden

I went in the garden yesterday evening to pick greens for supper and look what I saw. Deer tracks playing all through it. Big ones and little ones. Glad they didn't feast on my greens!

This must have been the papa one!

I finally got Round Tuit yesterday for Sherry's blog party at
I vacuumed my car out!

This was my Christmas present this year and I really want to keep it nice and clean!

And this is where the lettuce went last night that I picked from the garden. Too much cheese to be healthy but can you have too much cheese? My grandpa's nickname was cheese, he liked it so much!

Have you ever seen such a messy craft table? Somebody is going to have to clean this up before they can make anything for the Dotty Swap Party! Looks like its going to be me, the good cleaning fairy didn't come last night....Maybe I'll get Round Tuit by next Tuesday!

I love my new camera, if I can ever learn how to use everything on it! It's way smarter than me.

It is starting to cloud up outside, I'll be glad when all this rain passes through so these old bones of mine will stop screaming at me. Forget knee replacement, I need a whole new skeleton!! :-)

Enjoy the rest of the week, remember we only pass this way once so enjoy every minute of it while you can.

~~Love, from me and Wilma~~

Monday, January 23, 2012

Haunted Computer

Just kidding. It's Monday, raining, and time to recommend some good books! This time I'm previewing some Kindle editions for your instant gratification. My friend and fellow librarian recommended this to me this morning. She says don't read it at night alone.

The author has written 13 novels and you can visit him at

I'm always reading a Hamish Macbeth mystery by M.C. Beaton. Many of my patrons say they are in love with the character, Hamish. Are you kidding, I want to BE him! Living in the north of Scotland in the little cottage with his dog and wildcat, tending his sheep and chickens and solving the occasional crime. Whats not to love about this series?  Got it on my Kindle for 6.99.

And I just finished this one.

This one kept me up reading into the wee hours of the morning. Disturbing, British crime fiction, serial killer. Val McDermid has written 25 novels. But I love the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan characters the best.

You must have a good tea while reading all this British fiction, right? This book was FREE on Kindle from Amazon.  Check it out, there are so many titles you can download for free.

Enjoy your week,
                            ~~Love, from me and Wilma~~

Friday, January 20, 2012


And I still have to work tomorrow... at least I get off at 12:00! Plenty of time for a good rainy week-end. I'm planning to go to the Picket Fence antique and flea market shops Saturday. Joy. And I'm going to be on the look-out for things Polka-Dotty for the swap at Dotty Swap Party!!

I want to show off my new Steuben Glass my son in New York sent to me. He shopped at the Flagship store right before they closed their doors for good in December. He's a good son. :)

Isn't it gorgeous!

I had to put it up in the china cabinet right away because you-know-who was eyeballing it!

I hope everyone has a very blessed week-end. Live good and pray hard.

~~Lots of love, from me and Wilma~~

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chalk Girl

This is the book I'm reading today, just released yesterday and I can't put it down. If you haven't tried her books yet, you don't know what you're missing.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cottage Garden Party blooms

                                                       Have a blessed day~~

Digging Thru An Old Trunk

Good morning Tuesday! It's thundering outside the library today, and the weatherman predicts rain. I love a rainy day, makes reading better. We had a nice long week-end and I spent some time digging through my old trunk and some boxes and found some nice books to look at. An old childrens book, some valentines and I have some new books that might interest you, also.

Really cute Easter graphics.

Some cute little girls patterns.

Cute valentines.

We looked at seed catalogs. Joy!

Had a good breakfast.

If anyone is watching the PBS Series, Downton Abbey, this is the new companion book to the wonderful show. I'm in love with it.

I won the bid on ebay for this bride doll! Can't wait to see her.

Most of all, this little ton of fun didn't want to leave my lap all week-end!

Lot's of love from me and Wilma!!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweet Giveaway at Ruby Jeans and A Sort of Fairy Tale

Hi everyone, there is a great Housewarming Party give-away at Ruby Jean's and A Sort of Fairy Tale going on. Two beautiful pillow covers and a lovely ruffled apron with a removable flower pin. Check it out!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fresh Lettuce and Old Baskets

Hello, and welcome to the new year! I predict nothing but good things for 2012. We are starting the year off right by eating a little healthier around our house. Fresh lettuce from our garden picked in a basket I made about 30 years ago. Also a pretty turnip root, sweet as candy.

Turkey pizza with lowfat cheese. Not too bad for you!

I just bought this new jelly roll designed by Fig Tree and Co. at
Lovely colors. I'm commited to sewing a quilt top in 2012.

And this wonderful book "Super- Cute Felt" by Laura Howard at   And I bought some felt too, so I have to make some of her cute things!!

Our new cookbook for 2012.

If I can just keep my nose out of the Murder Mysteries long enough!!

Remember, if you want to have fun, you have to make it yourself. Stop waiting for someone else to make it happen.

Have a HAPPY HAPPY  2012!