Saturday, August 16, 2014

Summer's Almost Over

Hello blogging friends, I hope your summer has been wonderful.

We've been really busy this summer getting settled into our new home.

I had a great time decorating our little guest room.

I almost want to use it myself!

I've also found the time to play with some crafting.

I love the way my faux cupcakes turned out.
Viv Neroni gives great directions for making them on her  blog,

 See the pretty circus box that Shirley Hatfield sent to me from

I made myself sit down and sort my craft drawers so 
I could find things!

I've started on a Halloween creature now.

 Don't know how he will turn out.

Little Bam Bam is growing up.
He is such a joy to watch.

Wilma wanted to show off her new dress.

Have a good rest of the summer,

Love you much,
Dorothy, Ms. Wilma, and Bam Bam

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Librarian said...

Summer is definitely on the retreat here, too, but we had a magic time this year with my Mum's 70th birthday to celebrate and so many friends from near and far - the celebrations lasted nearly a whole week!
Also, there will be some lovely late-summer's days to enjoy now, with chilly mornings and evenings but sunny skies of the kind of blue you don't get at any other time of the year.
Love your little guest room! Can I come and stay? :-D

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Dorothy, I love this post filled with so much fun and goodness! Your header is gorgeous. We just finished the guest room redo, and I feel like you, lol. I'm planning on using it to read, nice quiet space. Sweet cupcakes, gotta try them. Kisses to Bam Bam and Wilma. Doyle is jealous that Wilma has a new boyfriend. :)

Happy rest of summer!

Tricia said...

That's such a lovely guest room. I think anyone would enjoy getting to stay there. Happy Pink Sat.

vivian said...

Dorothy! I love how your cupcakes turned out! and that guest room is just adorable! Your guests will surely be comfy cozy!
and.. your little dog is so cute!
Have a great week Dorothy!

The JR said...

Both of those cakes look delish!

And your doxies are so cute.

I've been organizing my crafts too so I can find stuff.

Tricia said...

Dorothy, I just went to your Google profile on my way back to your blog and saw that you went to Southern Miss for your degree. I went there as well, and graduated in 1980. I am living in Michigan and have been here for 25 years, but I grew up in Miss. It's a small world! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


Lynne said...

Hello Dorothy, your guest room looks like a little haven for someone! Yes, with the sudden cold spell we have been experiencing - despite the wonderful sunshine - it does feel as though we are reaching the end of summer. So sad, but at least we really have had a good summer this year here in the UK.

Have a lovely weekend! Lxxx

LBP said...

It seems like summer just started and now it's almost gone! How did that happen? I love all the goodness in your post and can't wait to see how your Halloween creature turns out. I've had lots of orange, black and green bits and bobs in my craft room as well!



Lynn said...

Your cupcakes love wonderful!!! I just love Bam Bam and Ms. Wilma! She looks so pretty in her dress!! Ms. Bella had her dental cleaning a week ago today. I cried all day while she was at the vet. She lost 5 teeth total but a few were baby teeth that never came out. She goes back tomorrow for another check up. But, she is doing great giving kisses like crazy. Cocoa gets her cleaning in Sept and then Sargie Man in Oct. At 255.00 it is one a month LOL Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the last weekend of summer. Hubby is off the next 5 days LOL say a prayer for me !!! Me and the fur kids are used to being by ourselves during the day so when he is home it messes up the routine! Not that I don't love him but you know LOL Anyways he says he has projects to keep him busy outside.
You have a great weekend.
Lynn from Life on the wienee ranch!