Monday, May 18, 2015

Good Monday Morning
Blogging Friends

It's such a pretty day,
it's hard to stay inside.

But, it's Monday
and it's wash day...

Sometimes, I wish I still had a clothesline.
Not all the time, mind you.
Just for the sheets and such.

Sometimes, does your hubby do something that just
drives you up the wall?

Mine said he was going to mow the lawn this morning.

He came back inside and asked me to come tell him how much
to cut back this tall palm tree in the front yard.
Just the dead fronds, I tell him.
(Is that what you call those limbs on a palm tree?)

And then I happen to look over,
and bless Pat, he has cut my Sago palms back, 
just butchered them! 
They were so lush and green!
What! Why, I ask?

They poked him when he mowed the grass, he says.....

I just come back inside, and continue on.
They'll grow back next year, I guess....

My little row of tomatoes and peppers and cukes
are really growing.
Can't wait to taste that first fresh tomato.

We did go to the fresh fruit market yesterday 
and found lots of goodies.

I do love this time of year.

BamBam is watching a John Wayne movie.
Ms.Wilma told him he had to babysit.

I'd better go check on her,
no telling what's she's up to!

Have a great week,
and Dino


Debby said...

Thank you for brightening my day. Love the dollies doing the laundry. Sounds like my husband. He does that to my forsethia (sp.).
Those little wienie dogs are just the cutest.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

So good to see you Dorothy! Your post had me laughing. Sometimes men just don't get it, oh my word!

Love the cat doing laundry image, so cute. How cute Wilma and BamBam cozy up like that, just love it!

Our garden is growing too. I love May! :)

Librarian said...

My Mum says when my Dad gets started on cutting something in the garden, he does not finish until he has cut down everything to ground level! It's funny because he really is like that, he can't stop himself when he's in that certain mood :-)

It was washing day here yesterday, too, and I'm going to do the ironing in a bit.

vivian said...

sweet dolls!! they look quite busy! lol!
I want to live where the palm trees grow.. on a sweet island somewhere! lol!
have a great day Dorothy!

Jonquil Junction said...

Loved reading this, glad to see I'm not the only one who has days like this. and I still hang all my laundry out on a clothes line!

Have a Daily said...

Yup, you gotta watch out when the Mr's are trimming. They have a tendency to turn into butchers. lol! Your Lillie's are gorgeous! I love this time of year also. Oh, I love John Wayne! I'd join them if I could. Wanted to let you know that I will be sharing my darling tag on my blog tomorrow. Thanks again. I love it!

The JR said...

I don't know how I missed this post. But, I love the daylillies. Beautiful.

Thanks for going by the mosaic blog.

Hope all is well. We've been about to drown in Crystal Springs.

Susan Clayton said...

Oh I feel your pain! Why do they ask when they know what they are going to do anyway!?!?!?! So glad you are enjoying the season! Happiness to you! Hope there was no mischief afoot!

Daisy Jones said...

...your dolls are adorable the one with the bucket made me smile!
bestest to bam bam and Wilma too
Daisy XX

Oliva Ohlson said...

Your post just made me's a good thing!!! Hubbies are a pain in the you know where!!! Why...why...Why!!! cute is he!!!