Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blogging Blues

How hot has it been at your house?

It has been one HOT summer down in the deep South.

I can barely stand to go outside, although I have been thrifting and to a few Estate sales this summer.

I really loved these little frozen Charlottes I found at the thrift store.

I've been on a doll clothes binge too.
There are so many on eBay, I can hardly resist.

The ad for these doll clothes said they were from the 1920-30's.
I fell in love with the flour sack prints and the embroidery.

Do you like the little decals I put on my little dolly scales?

I have lots more pictures to show you next time around.

I can't seem to keep up with my email and blog lately.
I get a quick fix from facebook in the morning then just
tend to read the rest of the day.

Stay cool and have a great week-end!

Dorothy and Ms.Wilma
BamBam and Dino


sherry said...

it's too hot to do anything, Dorothy! But FALL is COMING!! and then, Sosebee and I are coming to see you, Wilma, BamBam and Dino! Enjoyed seeing the dolly clothes!

Susan Clayton said...

I have been admiring all your doll finery on facebook. The pups look like they are so OVER summer!

Ann said...

The heat has kept me from weeding my gardens, they have taken the biggest toll.

Patty Magyar said...

The clothes are so sweet! Stay cool...or at least try to!

Kay G. said...

How hot? TOO hot in Georgia, I can tell you!
Love those sweet clothes, really pretty.

Librarian said...

Very sweet little dresses and things! Love the cheerful, cute prints and wouldn't mind having a top or dress made from some of the fabrics :-)

It's been hot here, too, with way too little rain. But I am not complaining - it is summer, after all, and will be cold soon enough...

Denise Oldham said...

hello sweet friend, please take care.

The JR said...

that puppy pile of doxies is just the cutest. great finds.

yes, MS has been hot, hot, hot.

we worked out in the heat the last few weekends getting many projects done. almost wilted me cause I work in a office all week.

Happy weekend.

Lady Linda said...

Frozen Charlottes at a thrift store? I can't believe it....lucky you. I just love them. I have a weakness for dolly clothes too...don't you just love all the handwork that goes into them? Great finds.

Margaret said...

I love doll clothes too! Christmas 1969 Santa gave Newborn Thumbelina with a complete layette. One of my favorite gifts ever :) Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

Marlynne said...

Yes It's been hot and dry here to! But today Praise The Lord we got rain and cooler weather! Love your finds! The doll clothes are adorable!