Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blogging Blues

How hot has it been at your house?

It has been one HOT summer down in the deep South.

I can barely stand to go outside, although I have been thrifting and to a few Estate sales this summer.

I really loved these little frozen Charlottes I found at the thrift store.

I've been on a doll clothes binge too.
There are so many on eBay, I can hardly resist.

The ad for these doll clothes said they were from the 1920-30's.
I fell in love with the flour sack prints and the embroidery.

Do you like the little decals I put on my little dolly scales?

I have lots more pictures to show you next time around.

I can't seem to keep up with my email and blog lately.
I get a quick fix from facebook in the morning then just
tend to read the rest of the day.

Stay cool and have a great week-end!

Dorothy and Ms.Wilma
BamBam and Dino