Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who posted the Squash Casserole recipe this week??

I read a squash casserole recipe with rice, and now I can't remember who posted it!!
I've already cooked my rice and cooking the squash now, but don't remember the other ingredients!!
I'm going to have to wing it if I can't find it, I thought I printed it at work this week, but can't find it.
Does anyone else remember seeing this, if so let me know!!

I checked all my fav cooking blogs but no luck.



A Kitchen Witch said...

Ahh, I hate when that happens. I love Pintrest for marking glad that's come along. I have a Paula Deen squash casserole recipe on my blog that I love. It doesn't have rice, but I don't see what the addition of it would hurt. I'd just up the sour cream and cheese mixtures to compensate any absorbing the rice would do.

Dorothy said...

Thanks, Kitchen Witch!
I didn't even think of Pintrest at the time, that's a good idea. Mine was lacking the sour cream, so it wasn't all that great, but of course, there's not much we won't eat around here!!:)

Denise said...

Happy Mother's Day.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Hope you found it!

mississippi artist said...

Wow, I bet the addition of rice makes it really good. Post the recipe if you find it.

Dorothy said...

I found it!!
June 27 post.