Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pink Saturday

I bought this pretty old postcard on eBay last year so it can be copied if you like.

Today is Pink Saturday over at:

She decided to make her Pink Saturdays open to everyone who wanted to post something in pink.
And I do love pink!

I almost forgot to post some new books this week.

Here are a few that came in. A Blaze of Glory is about the American Civil War.

A patron asked me to order this one. Did you know Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Castle, and I believe, Amanda Quick are all one and the same writer? I didn't until this reader told me. This is the last in a trilogy and each one of the three was written under a different one of her pseudonyms.

A friend told me about this book. Its new, but based on the characters of Dorothy L. Sayers. I think the old Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. I haven't had a chance to read it yet. My friend  and I both love the old British Cozies.

By the way, my friend I'm speaking of has a book written about her, too!
I bought it for the library last year and it's available from
The author is William Powers, but he changed her name in the book to protect her privacy.
She is a wonderful person, she's a doctor who travels a lot, she refuses to be paid but so much every year so she won't pay taxes, it's her way of not supporting war. She lives in a 12 x 12 cabin in the mountains with no electricity or running water and grows most all of her food (she's vegetarian).
She is a most beautiful person, I think you would enjoy reading about her.

I can't resist a new Victoria magazine!

Tonight was Ms. Wilma's Saturday night bath, and I am beat! Soon as she heard her bathwater running she ran and hid under the coffee table. I had to crawl under and get her out!
You wouldn't think something that weighed 5 pounds soaking wet could put up such a fight.
No treat for her tonight. Well, maybe just one.
Hugs from me and Ms. Wilma

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going junkin!!


Kay G. said...

I like your new eggy background. But it confused me for a minute, I thought I had you mixed up with someone else. Don't mind me, I am a bear with little brain.
It's a lovely new background...or whatever you call it, I get names of things wrong every time.

Jane said...

Cute postcard & interesting book choices. I also like the new eggy background :) My Emma doesn't mind baths, but when she gets out... look out!! She races all over the house, round and round, huffing and puffing, jumps on & off the couches - you name it, until she collapses with exhaustion! It's hilarious. I don't blame you for not being able to deny Ms. Wilma a treat - she is adorable :)

Librarian said...

Pink Saturday? Sounds like a fun idea! By the time I am reading this, it is Sunday and my "pink Saturday" has passed - on the dance floor :-) (and not wearing anything pink, although I love pink, too).
The book based on Dorothy L. Sayers characters sounds like something I'd enjoy.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I just love seeing your stack of books and hearing about some authors I might like! Love your pretty postcard, too! I just went to the library yesterday...I'm glad I went before this rain set in! Hugs!

Denise said...

Enjoyed this post.

vintage grey said...

Beautiful post card! Hope you weekend was lovely! xo Heather

The Japanese Redneck said...

Would a rag bath work....

wet wash cloth

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Beautiful post card! Interesting books. I love the magazine!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Haha Yes, Bath time is NOT fun around here either! Poor Miss Wilma! I hope you had fun "junkin"! There wasn't too much at the flea markets here, but thats ok! It's fun to look!
Erica :)

Jenn "Rook No. 17" said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful card! I love pink and cherry blossoms always make me smile. Thank you for the book recommendations as well!