Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pink Saturday

Hello Saturday!

I'm so glad to be at home this morning. And Hubby's playing golf all day, yea!

Today is Pink Saturday so here are some pink pics:

First of all, I didn't win this Wednesday! Glad I didn't quit the Library..

I did find this pretty plate while I was out junkin last Saturday.

And look at the pretty smocking on this little baby dress for one of my dolls.

I must clean this room up this morning!

Do some dusting today.

I may do a little sewing today.

I have to go for now, Wilma is calling me.
She wants to know if this dress makes her butt look big!
Can you believe her?

Have a great weekend,
From me and Ms. Wilma

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pink Saturday

I bought this pretty old postcard on eBay last year so it can be copied if you like.

Today is Pink Saturday over at:

She decided to make her Pink Saturdays open to everyone who wanted to post something in pink.
And I do love pink!

I almost forgot to post some new books this week.

Here are a few that came in. A Blaze of Glory is about the American Civil War.

A patron asked me to order this one. Did you know Jayne Ann Krentz, Jayne Castle, and I believe, Amanda Quick are all one and the same writer? I didn't until this reader told me. This is the last in a trilogy and each one of the three was written under a different one of her pseudonyms.

A friend told me about this book. Its new, but based on the characters of Dorothy L. Sayers. I think the old Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. I haven't had a chance to read it yet. My friend  and I both love the old British Cozies.

By the way, my friend I'm speaking of has a book written about her, too!
I bought it for the library last year and it's available from
The author is William Powers, but he changed her name in the book to protect her privacy.
She is a wonderful person, she's a doctor who travels a lot, she refuses to be paid but so much every year so she won't pay taxes, it's her way of not supporting war. She lives in a 12 x 12 cabin in the mountains with no electricity or running water and grows most all of her food (she's vegetarian).
She is a most beautiful person, I think you would enjoy reading about her.

I can't resist a new Victoria magazine!

Tonight was Ms. Wilma's Saturday night bath, and I am beat! Soon as she heard her bathwater running she ran and hid under the coffee table. I had to crawl under and get her out!
You wouldn't think something that weighed 5 pounds soaking wet could put up such a fight.
No treat for her tonight. Well, maybe just one.
Hugs from me and Ms. Wilma

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going junkin!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ocean Springs

We went to the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast Saturday and had lunch with two of our sons.
Had a wonderful time.

It's finally rebuilding after Katrina.

Little Pete gave us this beautiful ruby red vase for our ruby anniversary.

And the other handbag I ordered from Diane at
arrived in the mail!

I had to fight this little cowgirl, Alyssa, for it!
She said when I opened it-What is that, a bag, I don't have a bag, you didn't buy me a bag?, I need a bag!!
She's as spoiled as Wilma!

I came across this old photo last week of my daddy when he was in elementary school. His is standing about middle of the picture wearing overalls. Freckles all over his face, a one room schoolhouse. He grew up in a log cabin.

He left home as a teenager, joined the army and fought in Korea, came back and went to work for the railroad for the rest of his life. He was hurt in a train accident when I was small, and he spent the whole year recuperating, refinishing an old piano for me. He was a deacon in church, got baptised the same night as me, a 3rd Degree Mason, a Shriner, drove the bus taking burn victims to the children's hospital for treatment after he retired, raised 5 kids, and took good care of his home and everyone in his family. We lost him 2 years ago to cancer.
He was the best dad.

Love, from Dorothy

Monday, June 11, 2012

Beach Bags

Isn't this the cutest little wrist bag?
You can get one at:

She has handbags and wristlets AND she sends you a free handmade cute bunny or chick!
She's so talented!

I went back and ordered the bag with the cowgirl on it. It was too cute to pass up.
These are just the right size for taking to the flea market or yard sales, or taking to the beach, anywhere you don't want to be lugging around a big purse
And they would make a cute gift for that grad, too.

Sweet. Thanks Diane.

The rains have finally arrived at our house. We needed it bad, but if it keeps up we are going to have to start pairing up the farm animals!!

Have a great week,
from me and Ms. Wilma

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Love on a Hot Afternoon

You Take One Boy
And One  Girl

One hot afternoon in June

And this is what you get....
And one's on the way!

James Peter Crutchfield, Jr.

He was one wild child!
Now he's an electrician for CSX Railroad in New Orleans.

My little redhead Marshall Wayne Crutchfield.

Buck and Marshall
Marshall works for the Episcopal Embassy in New York City.

Joseph Buck Crutchfield
(Born on the first day of deer season)

He teaches school now in Cambodia.

Jeremy Jackson Crutchfield
(Named for his great-granddad, Andrew Jackson Crutchfield)

And now he's a Supervisor for CSX Railroad like his dad in Mobile.

My little family has all grown up.

Tomorrow, June 10 we celebrate 40 years of Wedded Bliss.

It's been nip and tuck all the way, let me tell you!
But I wouldn't take nothing for my journey now..

Pardon me while I go cry now...

Love, from me and little Wilma

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Blueberry Heaven

Don't you just love fresh blueberries?

We do. I put 12 pints in the freezer.

They make such sweet pies!

And here are you some good books to read this weekend.

Love this latest from Jo Packham from Where Women Create.

I won this Herb Companion Magazine this week from Nancy at

And she's in it!! Her article is entitled 4 Reasons to Love Lemon Verbena.
Go and get this magazine if you haven't already! I plan to read it from cover to cover tonight.
It really is a beautiful magazine full of color photos of gardens and herbs and lots of useful information about growing herbs.

Thank you, Nancy.

Ms. Wilma had her yearly shots this week and she is still in a huff.

I have enjoyed all the celebrations going on in England this past week. I recorded everything I could on DVD so I could watch when I came home from work.  Loved it, the Queen is still beautiful.

Have a good weekend,
from me and Ms. Wilma