Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Bunny

Another version. Still not finished.

These sweet doxie cards are available on eBay.
Love this mama and twins.

Wilma's sleepover went as well as could be expected,
she is one very jealous little girl.
She was civil with MiMi, but she does not like to share!



VintageBettys said...

Dorothy!!! I love your spoolie!!!! cute!!!!....I sent you an email on how I made the paper flowers :)

Sandy said...

Where did you find the lovely fan behind the bunny??? It's perfect! :)

VintageBettys said...

Yes that is the cutest fan ;)

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Leave it to you to find a pic of wienees with an Easter Bunny! lol too cute! Your spoolies are turning out fantastic!
Erica :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Isn't that Three Little Bunnies book CUTE!

Denise said...

Very cute.

Ramona JapaneseRedneck said...

Cute cards.

Well Ms. Wilma is set in her ways.

Kirsty Girl said...

Great cards by doxie. Very smart

Chenille Cottage said...

Pure sweetness...H0w I love all your bunnies, doxies and Easter pretties!
Have a happy week, my friend.
Carolynn xoxo