Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good morning 

Have you been crafting this week?

This has been a good winter for crafting, thrifting
baking, and reading.

Birds are singing outside my window,
they must think it's Spring.
Maybe they're just telling me 
Spring is on it's way.

I made this card using products
from Red Lead
and a vintage Old Maid card.

I do enjoy making tags
and paper crafting.

Do you de-stash and change
your craft room up often?

I found these Madonnas at the 
thrift store, they were so
dirty I almost put them back.
After a run thru the dishwasher
they look like new.

Baby Dino has really grown this winter.
He's a tough little scrapper. 

Unfortunately, it's been a good winter
for me to grow too!!
It's so hard to lose weight..

I hope everyone has a 
Happy Valentine 

from Dorothy and Ms.Wilma

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Happy Pink Saturday:


Dorothy Borders said...

Love the picture of the two little girls. And, boy, do I empathize with the sentiment! Maybe next time I'll try it without the socks, too.

The JR said...

Those Madonna's are beautiful.

I just re-organized all my sewing and all my mosaic stuff. I have tons of both to use.

Love baby Dino.

Don't even want to talk about weight. Had my wellness this AM. Already know what the doc is gonna say....lose weight, diet and exercise!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your pretty things on the shelves. I just look and look...with a smile on my face! We love all of the same things, don't we? I always weigh with all my clothes on and then I think I can deduct several pounds! hahaha! Sweet hugs, Diane


I see you are working on Easter/Spring goodies!! They are very sweet! I'm trying to clean out my craft room...
Puppy kisses to little Dino!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

What a sweet post Dorothy! I pulled out my small box of green goodies today to start crafting a couple St. Patrick's Day things. It seems like I can't destash my craft space as much as I need to, and I keep adding to it, lol. Love the tag and the card, they are so creative and beautiful.

Happy Valentine's Day! xo, Pam

Little Susie Home Maker said...

I have been crafting and thrifting and eating and growing! Lol! I bought some paper punches and playing with them. Getting a little tired of making Valentine's, so on to Spring themes!
Your tags and the little basket and all look awesome. You are very talented. It is great that you could run them through the dish washer. One thing about thrifting is it can be kind of gross to clean someone else's grime. But the rewards are great!

Debby said...

Such cute pictures. I have the same Tiny Tears doll. But my doll really needs new eyes.

Marci said...

Your craft room looks great, the shelves are full of such fun stuff

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Sigh, haven't been able to find a block of time to craft, mush less visit etc.
Looove the photos. Double hugs to Dino and Ms. Wilma.

LV said...

No crafting for me, but love seeing what others do. Loved all the things you shared today.

Elizabeth said...

It's definitely been a winter for crafting and baking! I haven't leftvthechouse in 16 days. This is my first PS. Hope you have time to visit.

Lynn said...

such beautiful tags! I just love your fur babies! They are all so stinkin cute!! I love my 3 dachshunds too!! Could not begin to imagine how boring life would be without them!!!Give them hugs and love from me.
Lynn from Life on the wienee ramch!