Friday, February 10, 2012

Big Linky Par-Tay!!

There is a huge Linky party going on today, join in! I found it at but it started with Cheri at!  As you know, Google Friend Connect is going away February 29 if you are not with blogspot. The good news is there will be Linky Followers to join.

Want to join in the fun?

1. You MUST have the LINKY FOLLOWERS tool on your site to participate.
{You can have both the LINKY FOLLOWERS & GFC on your site but you must have the LINKY FOLLOWERS to participate in this party hop.}

2. You MUST follow the person who has the party on their site as a thank you.
3. Just add your blog button to the LINKY PARTY below.
4. Then grab the BLOG HOP code
You will find the code right under the Linky Party where it says CLICK HERE TO ENTER–

just under that it says: WHAT IS A BLOG HOP? GET THE CODE HERE

Click on GET THE CODE HERE and enter it into a post on your site.

You can grab the party button code in the FOOTER at Its So Very Cheri

You can grab info from my post if it helps you with your post.

5. Then you follow other bloggers–(as many as you want)–leave each one of the blogs that you follow a comment letting them know you are following them and ask them to follow you back.
If you want to add the BLOG HOP to your own site you will get lots of new followers–(see rule #2)

I feel like I just opened my mailbox at home and found it full of brand new magazines!
Have fun,
from me and Wilma

1 comment:

Mary Sullivan Frasier said...

Hi Dorothy!

I love your blog! I haven't had a chance to look around too much yet, but it looks like you're a quilter and quilts just happen to be a bit of an addiction for me. You'll probably see me lurking around here often. (My addiction is strictly the buying and drooling over kind... I can't sew a stitch)

Thanks so much for stopping by and following via the Linky hop. I'm here, happily following back!