Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitman Samplers

Happy Valentines Day

My husband gave me Two! Whitman Samplers this morning for Valentines Day. Guess he thought I needed cheering up! So I took one down to my mother before I left for work. Ain't he sweet?

I hope your day is full of chocolate and flowers too.

It's been so cold this week, this is the prettiest picture I've seen lately.
Here are some Valentine postcards I bought recently. You can copy if you want.

And here are some of my new toys from eBay. One day I'll get a day off and finish arranging my sewing room and you can see everything on display!

They said she was a fixer upper, but she looks fine to me.

Another sweet Tiny Tears. She needs a bonnet on!

I sure hope one of my boys gets married (they're all in their 30's!) I don't know what they'll do with all my dolls one day!! :-)
I've wanted one of these lamb cake pans since I was little, my aunt made a cake like this for our Sunday School class. I was enchanted. Thought she could do anything, and she could, too!! Maybe she'll show me how to decorate it, when I make mine.

And this is the wall grouping pic I saw on Pinterest and am arranging in my living room.

This is a Valentine bulletin board I made for the Library.

I hope you have a blessed and happy day, today and every day.
Love, from me and Ms. Wilma


Adrianne Surian said...

Ahhh, two boxes of chocolate. I just had eggs and heart-shaped toast with my 1-year old. :)

Dropping by from the Linky Hop - following you now! Hope you have a minute to come by Happy Hour Projects. Happy Valentine's Day!


hensrule said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Adrianne. I did visit your blog and am following you now, too. I enjoyed looking at your blog, thanks!

Elsa said...

Your doll comment made me think of my friend. She has a ton of vintage dresses (kids, and adults) and she only has 1 boy. She doesn't know what he will do with her wonderful collection someday. hehe!

Kay G. said...

We kept the crayons in a Whitman's Chocolate box in my Sunday school when I was a little girl. After all these years, the sight of that box makes me happy.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Beth said...

hi there. i have not had whitman's chocolates in a long, long time. great & tasty. i'm a new linky follower, hope you will follow me as well. thanks. have a great night.

Jane said...

You were spoiled - good for you! I love Whitman chocolate - haven't had it in a few years though. That fixer-upper doll's face is sooo sweet - what an adorable face :) You must be amassing quite the doll collection!

Tracey Steele said...

I love the Valentine's Bulletin board.
If you visit my blog there is an award for you :)

hensrule said...

Thank you Tracey for the award and for your sweet comments.