Monday, October 3, 2011

Beautiful Week-End

The start of my thrifting Saturday. Always eat dessert first.

Hubby is looking for old Railroad pocket watches, his favorite collectable. And they are scarce as hens teeth to find!

Love this painting of the college girls. Ms Alabama is rather cute. The old Plunder Parlor in Andalusia has reopened and it's better than ever. Full to the brim of fun collectables and vintage finds.

Pete liked this print of some lovely Jazz musicians!

Booth after booth of stuff!

We had a picnic in the park later after looking to our hearts content. And we still haven't looked at all the shops in Andalusia yet!
a cool breeze was blowing

We agreed, this has been the most beautiful day of the year.
On our way home, we passed fields full of cotton ready to be picked. My husband said it made his back hurt just to look at it. He picked cotton by hand when he was a boy, before his granddaddy bought a cotton picker!

And we saw piles of huge white pumpkins, and blue heirloom squash and all sorts of fall fruits and gourds, and I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE!

I guess we'll just have to go back next week-end!!!

Hope you had a good week-end like we did, have a blessed week.

Bye, y'all

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Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Dessert first? Good idea. I will have to try it. Love all your pictures. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Martha