Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Morning Yea!!

Today is a beautiful sunny, cool football kind of Saturday! I am loving this cool weather in south Alabama, glad it's finally here!

I am getting ready to start a new life-style program. My oldest son is going to be my sponsor. The book is called "Body By Design" by Kris Gethin and Jamie Eason. It is a radical weight loss and exercise program. My son has lost 50 pounds in the last 12 weeks. And he travels around a lot with his job, but still manages to go to the gym and eat right!

The first thing I did after downloading the book on my Kindle, was throw out that brand new box of Double-Decker MoonPies that only a southerner could appreciate! Now I must go cook lots of chicken breast on the George Foreman and lots of broccoli and brown rice. Lord help me, I really do want to fit into my good clothes again!  I have to learn to let that be my reward instead of using food as a reward! So, I may not be posting many food pictures for a while, maybe only healthy food pics! Cross your fingers for me, and hope that I can stick it out!

Hope you all have a safe and very happy week-end! Till next time, y'all.


Marshall said...

You should add a weekly weigh in, that way it'll motivate you to keep it up if you see the numbers and know people are watching.

hensrule said...

That's why they have weight-watchers son.