Monday, October 17, 2011

Slow Sunday Afternoon

I hope everyone had a slow and peaceful Sunday afternoon like I did. I got just what I wanted, to be surrounded by my family. Even had fun with the animal children and took pictures! This is my sons dog, Huey P. Long. He will do anything for a piece of bacon, but I think he felt like this was a bit much!
Dothan the cat said "Don't even think about it!" He's not dressing up for anyone.

Boy, Huey looks ridiculous...

Will somebody pick me up, please?

I put out a few fall decorations in the house.

I love the ceramic pumpkin my friend gave me one year.

Need to find some pink fall decorations!!

Then we went for a walk down our dirt road in the evening.

And ended up at grandmothers old house.
The foundation was built on cypress stumps.
This may be the oldest house in the county, our genealogy department is not sure, we know it dates to before 1850.

The old cedar tree in front of the house is beginning to look spooky to me. Granddaddy bought the place in the early 1900's and he had to promise not to cut down this tree because the owners daughter had planted it. My sister and I could not put our arms around it and touch when we were kids, 50 years ago! I don't know which will fall first, the house or the tree.

And the old car shed was probably built in the 30's or 40's.

Have a good Monday, y'all.

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