Friday, October 14, 2011

The Last of the Zinnias

Well, we made it to Friday again, friends and aren't we blessed. This has been a long week for me, as I had to spend one night at the Southern Sleep Clinic and was diagnosed with OSA. I have to go back next week and get fitted for the breathing machine, I just hope I will adjust to sleeping with it. I complained a little about having to take another pill (sleeping pill) but the doctor said to be glad we live in the USA so we can get the help we need. I didn't realize that sleep apnea could be so dangerous to your health.

Anyway, glad that's done, I want to show you some decorations I put up in the library. And some more pumpkins!  Love this cool weather so much.  Hubby has been gone all week to the fish camp on the Alabama River in Stockton so I got a lot of things done at home this week, too.

These are some of the last of my Zinnias I brought to the library. Aren't they colorful?

I decorated the top of the old oak card catalog. Of course we use computers today for the card catalog, but I kept this one in the library because what would a library be without it? Love the old Ideals, so many nostalgic pics inside. I made the little pumpkins on sticks from a pattern in "Create and Decorate" a few years back.

Some little boxes I painted. I think I stamped the witch and then filled in with paint.

I painted this little scarecrow on the gourd in Ms. Margaret's art class.

Mrs. Pilgrim on the fireplace mantle in the reading room. Note, the turkey is almost as big as she!

Mr. Pilgrim and his ship.

Fruit Stand pumpkins! Wish I could make a dozen pies!

This is a beautiful heirloom pie pumpkin. He's supposed to be this ugly, I grew only ONE last year from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds! A great seed catalog by the way if you haven't seen one, order it, by all means!!

AND, last but not at all least, I found this book in my craft room closet this morning while looking for something else! "Embroidery Companion" by Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy blog. What a great surprise for me. So I think this will be my BOOK OF THE WEEK for this week.

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL week-end. Remember you can't have fun if you don't MAKE fun and happy memories yourself! So get out in this gorgeous weather and make good memories while you still have time!
Have a blessed week-end y'all.


chubskulit said...


Please come see my Pink, when you get a chance. Happy weekend!

manyslices said...

Love the zinnias. I started mine a little late from seed this year...and well they never really bloomed. I love your attitude and blog quotes. As a lover of books and libraries and crafting and right smack in the middle of raising four children I really enjoyed poking around your blog, and will be back.