Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Finished the left-overs and back at work.

Well, we finally finished off the last of the leftovers last night and I have to say, I don't mind cooking at all tonight, just to see something different on the table! We were blessed with a good Thanksgiving, and I am glad to be back at the library working. Almost time to order new books again, I need to check the best seller list and see whats new.  Over the holidays this past week-end I did manage to go do a little flea-market and Goodwill shopping and found a cache of old British paperback mysteries. It made my heart sing.  Robert Barnard, Dorothy Gilman, Dorothy Cannell, B.M. Gill.  I'm in for some late nights staying up reading. Have you ever tried to read wearing a c-pap machine? I can't do it. My glasses won't go on my face : )!

I wish I had bought her, maybe she'll still be there next week. I hate when I do that!

Pretty rooster painting, but I had nowhere to hang him if I brought him home.

I saw lots of hand made items while shopping at the flea markets. I could have spent two days just looking at everything.

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