Thursday, November 10, 2011

"I Am Half-Sick of Shadows"

That is the name of the new Flavia de Luce Novel by Alan Bradley and I am LOVING it. Can't put it down. If you are not familiar with these books, by all means go to the library and check out "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" and read it first.  "A bold, brilliant, and adorable eleven year-old sleuth with a passion for chemistry and two older sisters that like to torment her. But she always has her revenge using something she has whipped up in her laboratory, in the huge decaying English estate they all live in with their father.
Wonderful reading!
Also, I promised pics of more good reads so here they are. They are already cataloged and checked out!
Ms. Paula, Queen of Southern cooking.

Charles Frazier is the author of "Cold Mountain" and this book "Nightwoods" promises to be even better.Baldacci's "Zero Day" is good, and Kate Atkinson's "When Will There Be Good News?" is very good, I downloaded it to my Kindle and read it just about in one sitting. It's also a Masterpiece Theatre special called Case Histories about PI Jackson Brodie. Very good! M.C. Beatons new Agatha Raisin book is funny and entertaining but I still prefer the Hamish Macbeth series the best

This Quilt book by John Rice Irwin is a work of love and art. Quilters from the Appalachian Mountains and their quilts. Truly beautiful!
Biloxi Yacht Club on the Mississippi Coast.
I will post more pictures of our trip to New Orleans next time. Hope everyone is off for the week-end like I am, have a safe and happy one!
Bye, y'all

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