Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunny Tuesday

Hello friends, its a sunny day in south Alabama and not too cold out. I am loving this kind of weather. We build a fire in the fireplace early in the morning and again late in the evening, and it is a joy to sit in my old rocker and read and warm by the flames. I'm too old to feel romantic about it, it just feels comfortable!
It's hard to leave this and get up and go to work in the mornings! Two more years till retirement. Can't wait.
Yesterday I received my package I won the bid on from e-bay. Cams and a ruffler for my old Singer Slant-a-Matic sewing machine from the late 50's. I love this machine, it will sew through anything! And it makes so many pretty stitches. It's a jewel. My mother-in-law was a professional seamstress in Mobile, she made Mardi Gras costumes as well as anything else you can imagine, and this is the only machine she liked to sew on.
I hope I can sew every day when I retire. 
This coming week-end we are planning a trip to New Orleans to return our grand-dog, Huey P. Long to my son. He will be working close to home from now on, and be home every night so he can take care of Huey and he wants him home! We are going to miss him, he's such a good pet. Well behaved, unlike my little critters! Like my cat, Dothan, stealing Huey's squeaky toy! Just for meanness, like a cat will do!!
I plan to take lots of pictures of the trip, I'm really looking forward to it. So much to see in New Orleans and along the Mississippi gulf coast. 

New reading from the library. Time to take out those recipe books and start thinking about Thanksgiving menus!
This is an older Leslie Meier mystery you may find on your library shelves. A fun Thanksgiving mystery.
Marie Bostwick has a new book titled "Threading the Needle" a Cobbled Court Novel about quilters, that is a good read.  Sandra Brown has a good thriller called "Lethal". Anne Rivers Siddons has "Burnt Mountain", Fern Michael's has "Late Edition" and Guideposts series Stories from Hope Haven has "In This Together".
And I have a long list on new bestsellers I'm about to order today for the library. May even order some new craft books, will keep you posted on the best reads!

Jambalaya and cornbread made for a tasty and quick supper. Especially made with Conecuh sausage.

Hope your week-end was warm and restful.
Till next time, bye y'all!


Nancy said...

Nice to meet you Dorothy. I love your blog and will be back to read some more. Time elements today. Hope to be friends.

Kathe said...

What a warm and cozy blog you have dear! I am happy to have found you and will be back to visit often!

High Street Cottage said...

The dinner looks soo yummy, I'm home with the flu today and that would make feel much better :)
Love your grand dog's name! Too cute!

Betsy said...

Your mornings and evenings by the fireplace sound wonderful and so cozy! Thank you for the book suggestions--the Thanksgiving mystery looks fun!