Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Home for cookies and coffee

After all the Goodwill hunting we came home to homemade cookies and coffee made by my youngest son. Who says men can't cook? Yummy.

Now, to figure out what to do with this box full of pre-WWII photos and postcards my friend gave me months ago. I spend so much time reading them and daydreaming, I get lost in them. I have no idea who these people are and neither did she, she got them at a sale a few years ago. They are beautiful and haunting.

Finished the left-overs and back at work.

Well, we finally finished off the last of the leftovers last night and I have to say, I don't mind cooking at all tonight, just to see something different on the table! We were blessed with a good Thanksgiving, and I am glad to be back at the library working. Almost time to order new books again, I need to check the best seller list and see whats new.  Over the holidays this past week-end I did manage to go do a little flea-market and Goodwill shopping and found a cache of old British paperback mysteries. It made my heart sing.  Robert Barnard, Dorothy Gilman, Dorothy Cannell, B.M. Gill.  I'm in for some late nights staying up reading. Have you ever tried to read wearing a c-pap machine? I can't do it. My glasses won't go on my face : )!

I wish I had bought her, maybe she'll still be there next week. I hate when I do that!

Pretty rooster painting, but I had nowhere to hang him if I brought him home.

I saw lots of hand made items while shopping at the flea markets. I could have spent two days just looking at everything.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Crafting and Resting-The Day After Turkey Day

Today is a good day for staying in the craft room and getting something done. I have Christmas houses to paint and sewing I could do. Or make a new memory box. Wilma seems to want to sit in my lap this morning, wonder how this is going to work out. Since I'm usually at work during the day, she is taking advantage of mama being home. Spoiled rotten little dachshund!

It's 70F outside and a beautiful day for a walk in the woods, also. I will put that on my list for today!
And NO cooking today, we have enough left-overs to feed an army, and no one left here but me and hubby to eat all of this food. Tomorrow we may go for a movie. I want to see Hugo. We'll go to the $5.00 matinee at two o'clock in the afternoon!

But for now, it's back to the girl cave for some serious painting. Maybe I'll finish these houses before Christmas this year!

Oh, and hubby says Bama and Auburn play at 1:30 tomorrow, so no movie day Saturday..

There's Nothing Better Than Pecan Pie

There's nothing better than a pecan pie.

Unless it's two pecan pies!

I hope that everyone had as good a Thanksgiving Day as my family. We are all truly blessed.
We had a feast to rival the Pilgrims and Indians, and enjoyed each others company so much. It is a privilege
 to be with people you love and care about.

Wishing everyone good cheer throughout the rest of the Holiday season.
Love, from me and Wilma

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"I Am Half-Sick of Shadows"

That is the name of the new Flavia de Luce Novel by Alan Bradley and I am LOVING it. Can't put it down. If you are not familiar with these books, by all means go to the library and check out "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" and read it first.  "A bold, brilliant, and adorable eleven year-old sleuth with a passion for chemistry and two older sisters that like to torment her. But she always has her revenge using something she has whipped up in her laboratory, in the huge decaying English estate they all live in with their father.
Wonderful reading!
Also, I promised pics of more good reads so here they are. They are already cataloged and checked out!
Ms. Paula, Queen of Southern cooking.

Charles Frazier is the author of "Cold Mountain" and this book "Nightwoods" promises to be even better.Baldacci's "Zero Day" is good, and Kate Atkinson's "When Will There Be Good News?" is very good, I downloaded it to my Kindle and read it just about in one sitting. It's also a Masterpiece Theatre special called Case Histories about PI Jackson Brodie. Very good! M.C. Beatons new Agatha Raisin book is funny and entertaining but I still prefer the Hamish Macbeth series the best

This Quilt book by John Rice Irwin is a work of love and art. Quilters from the Appalachian Mountains and their quilts. Truly beautiful!
Biloxi Yacht Club on the Mississippi Coast.
I will post more pictures of our trip to New Orleans next time. Hope everyone is off for the week-end like I am, have a safe and happy one!
Bye, y'all

Friday, November 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Its Friday, and I don't care if it is cool and rainy, it's still FRIDAY!  And I am off every week-end this month! Tomorrow, Lord willing, we are making the trip to New Orleans to return the grand-dog. I'm sure going to miss him!  But I am looking forward to the sight-seeing along the way and when we get there. So many things to see and do. And good Cajun food. Fried oyster poorboy. Yummy.

Yesterday I went back to the Sleep Center and while I was in Enterprise, Al., I had to stop in the local Thrift Store. And guess what I found hiding in an old box in the back of the store? A 1970's Effanbee Grande Dames Winter doll that I purchased for 50 cents! Her little red cape was dry rotted in the back and she had only one shoe, but the doll was in beautiful condition! Love a good find.

I also purchased a red plaid wool skirt for $3.00 that I plan to cut up and make a pillow to put by the fireplace for my miniature dachshund, Wilma, to sleep on. She will like this.  I was planning to buy the fabric but this skirt looked practically new, and it was about a size 0, so it wouldn't be a waste.  Who would it fit?And out of hundreds of books, I found ONE British mystery. They say that mystery readers hang on to their books, they do not like to part with them. It must be so.

I purchased a HUGE selection of fiction and non-fiction for the library this week. I'll keep you posted on the good reads. I know one of the fiction titles will be good, because I already bought it for my Kindle and read it. Its called "When Will There Be Good News" by Kate Atkinson and it is the basis for the Case History shows on Masterpiece Theatre PBS Sunday nights about PI Jackson Brodie. And it is VERY good! So I had to order it for the library patrons to read!

This is a picture of the shrimp boats in Long Beach, Ms. I took on the last trip to New Orleans.

If you want to see a cute blog, go to http://www.doodlecoop.blogspot.com/ and check out Henry and Henny cutting the rug to some old 40's music! It is the best thing, my hubby even watched it and said he liked it, and he is NOT a blogger!

I have my new C-Pap machine so I should get a sound nights sleep and be ready to go early in the morning.

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed week-end! And I hope Alabama tears up LSU!  Roll Tide!

Until next time, y'all!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sunny Tuesday

Hello friends, its a sunny day in south Alabama and not too cold out. I am loving this kind of weather. We build a fire in the fireplace early in the morning and again late in the evening, and it is a joy to sit in my old rocker and read and warm by the flames. I'm too old to feel romantic about it, it just feels comfortable!
It's hard to leave this and get up and go to work in the mornings! Two more years till retirement. Can't wait.
Yesterday I received my package I won the bid on from e-bay. Cams and a ruffler for my old Singer Slant-a-Matic sewing machine from the late 50's. I love this machine, it will sew through anything! And it makes so many pretty stitches. It's a jewel. My mother-in-law was a professional seamstress in Mobile, she made Mardi Gras costumes as well as anything else you can imagine, and this is the only machine she liked to sew on.
I hope I can sew every day when I retire. 
This coming week-end we are planning a trip to New Orleans to return our grand-dog, Huey P. Long to my son. He will be working close to home from now on, and be home every night so he can take care of Huey and he wants him home! We are going to miss him, he's such a good pet. Well behaved, unlike my little critters! Like my cat, Dothan, stealing Huey's squeaky toy! Just for meanness, like a cat will do!!
I plan to take lots of pictures of the trip, I'm really looking forward to it. So much to see in New Orleans and along the Mississippi gulf coast. 

New reading from the library. Time to take out those recipe books and start thinking about Thanksgiving menus!
This is an older Leslie Meier mystery you may find on your library shelves. A fun Thanksgiving mystery.
Marie Bostwick has a new book titled "Threading the Needle" a Cobbled Court Novel about quilters, that is a good read.  Sandra Brown has a good thriller called "Lethal". Anne Rivers Siddons has "Burnt Mountain", Fern Michael's has "Late Edition" and Guideposts series Stories from Hope Haven has "In This Together".
And I have a long list on new bestsellers I'm about to order today for the library. May even order some new craft books, will keep you posted on the best reads!

Jambalaya and cornbread made for a tasty and quick supper. Especially made with Conecuh sausage.

Hope your week-end was warm and restful.
Till next time, bye y'all!